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Treatment for Squint

Date :13-Mar-2017

Squint (crossed eyes) also known as Strabismus occurs due to the inability of eyes to align at a point at a time. They appear as misaligned and pointed at different directions. Squint or crossed eyes are usually known to develop among children. They have a high cure rate when diagnosed and treated at the initial stage. Unlike some popular belief, squint in children do not cure by itself with age. It needs to be treated with the help of a qualified eye care specialist.

Causes for squint

Squint is said to be developed due to the weakness in the muscles around the eyes. The eyes with weak muscles finds it difficult to focus and turns towards the nose off target, resulting in squint. They can be developed because of heredity and untreated long sightedness as well. Accidents or trauma to the head can also result in crossed eyes.

Detecting squint (crossed eyes)

  • Inability in gauging depth.
  • Tilting head to a side for focussing
  • Eyes that do not move together.
  • Asymmetrical reflection points in eyes


The treatment of squint follows the technique of empowering the weak eyes.

Contact lens or spectacles – helps people with squint due to untreated farsightedness.

Botox or injected medications – these helps in relaxing the contracted muscles around the eyes making them more flexible in helping the eyes to focus on the point easily

Surgery – an invasive procedure, they help the realignment of muscle and is used when the other methods are not effective.

Patching up the better eye – this helps in improving the power of the weak eye With a world class infrastructure, Amrit Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India is one of the first hospitals in state to offer bladeless cataract surgery. An updated treatment technology, state of the art infrastructure and aesthetic environment makes Amrit Hospital on par with the best in the world. With a team of highly qualified ophthalmologists and consultant doctors, the hospital offers efficient and effective eyecare treatment including Lasik surgery treatment for the correction of refractive vision disorders along with treatments for squint or cross eye.

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Authored By Dr. Lalit Kumar

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