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LenSx Technology

LenSx Technology

What is it?

LenSx technology is a type of bladeless laser cataract surgery that uses computer-guided laser technology to perform the surgical removal of cataracts from the eyes. It is the most technologically advanced surgical method for cataract patients that use advanced precision-based technology to help the surgeon customize.

It is a safe and simple procedure that can change the patient’s lifestyle, in turn, improving the quality of life too. LenSx laser technology is performed on an outpatient basis where the patient can return home in a few hours.

Advantages of lenSx technology

Unlike traditional or conventional surgery, LenSx laser technology involves precise measurements and data as well as detailed imaging for planning and performing surgery for the best outcome of the procedure.

  • The human eyes may be similar in their anatomical structure but each and every eye is different in terms of size, depth, the curvature of the cornea and other such features. With the help of LenSx technology, each eye is carefully measured and mapped before going forward with the surgery.
  • LenSx laser uses highly advanced technology such as integrated optical coherence tomography (OCT) to capture incredibly precise high-resolution images of the eye.
  • It ensures better centering and positioning of the intraocular lens in the eyes as it determines the final outcome of vision.
  • LenSx laser reduces the risk of capsule breakage.
  • It also reduces the chance of certain complications such as retinal detachment as this method of surgery uses less amount of phacoemulsification energy to break down and suction out cataracts from the eye.
  • Astigmatism can be corrected at the time of laser cataract surgery. To reduce astigmatism, small incisions are made in the periphery of the cornea to regain its shape and make it more circular which helps correct astigmatism.


LenSx laser technology is carried out with the help of the following procedure,

  • In this method of surgery, computer-guided laser technology is added to the procedure for the highest precision surgical incision in the eye. This is done by first attaining OCT imaging of the eye to customize the procedure by the surgeon followed by performing the surgery with step by step command from the surgeon.
  • The patient interface connects the eyes to an image-guided surgical unit. This is done for further improving the precision for both the computer and the surgeon by accessing real-time images during the procedure.
  • An image-guided femtosecond laser is used to make the corneal incision in the eyes instead of using a blade as seen in traditional cataract surgery.
  • After the incision is made, a high repetition rate femtosecond laser is used to break down the clouded lens followed by performing a capsulotomy which is a procedure where an incision is made in the capsule of the eye lens.
  • An artificial foldable intraocular lens (IOL) is then implanted into the eye depending on the patient’s vision problems different types of IOLs are available.

Authored By Dr. Lalit Kumar

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