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Online Catatact Test

There are two ways to do a self- examination to determine whether you have a cataract in your eye.

Method 1 : Observe Cataract Symptoms in General

  • Examine your vision for any cloudiness.

    Cloudy vision is characterised by a haziness or dullness in what you can see.

  • Examine for halo or glare problems.

    A glare is an extremely bright light that can cause the eyes to tear up. A halo is a circular shape that surrounds an individual light-source.

  • Make sure you do not have double vision.

    Cover one eye to see if you see double. If you see double when you close one eye, it may be a cataract.

  • Keep an eye out for prescription changes that occur often.

    It might be a symptom of cataracts if your prescription changes yearly.

Method 2 : By Answering this Questionnaire

1. Do you have trouble when you drive at night?

2. Do you have trouble when you are reading a newspaper or small print text, with glasses?

3. Do you have trouble in seeing steps or stairs, with glasses?

4. Do you have trouble in reading big signs boards, with glasses?

5. Do you have difficulty in filling forms or checks?

6. Have you been experiencing hazy vision at night ?

7. Do you see shadowing of images?

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